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The project EADEA – Equal Access to Development Education for All – has been developed to fill the gap of needed development education materials and tools designed taking into account the special educational needs of students with visual impairment.

Its overall objective is to contribute to raise the public awareness of the importance everybody to get educated in development issues, to promote and introduce DE among students with disabilities, mobilize greater public support for action against poverty also among people with disabilities and to contribute to fairer relations North-South through more diverse links of fairer cooperation and deeper understanding of issues and difficulties.

Its specific objectives are: to achieve awareness raising of visually impaired students, their teachers and families about global issues as concerning also them, to develop in them skills for deeper understanding of globalizing inter-dependent world and their possible role, to enhance their competences in addressing issues of global development and engaging in global attempts for better solutions to eradicate poverty, promote justice and human rights.

Its target groups are: students with visual impairment in specialized formal education schools and general universities, pedagogues from schools for students with visual impairment and school boards of schools for students with visual impairment.

The main estimated result of EADEA project is contribution to achievement of equality in provision of DE – ensured also for students with visual impairment with special educational needs.

The main activities of EADEA project are: training in DEAR of pedagogical staff of specialized educational institutions for students with visual impairment and of university students with visual impairment, preparation of specially designed for students with visual impairment DE resources, contribution to inclusion of DE topics in the curriculum, creation of e-platform with useful specific DE resources and tools developed also in Braille, work with the specialized schools boards and parents for DEAR, established connections in the South with experts working with people with visual impairment and exchange visits, awareness raising campaign for importance of inclusion of disabled students in development education and later in development cooperation activities especially when concerning people with visual impairment.

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The EADEA project official logo is available for download.


05/31/2013  |  No Comments is up and running in an English testing version. Currently for the testing purposes only the English version is available. Once the testing is complete and we are happy with the platform, the content will be cloned to the other languages.

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